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The beginning of a new era in manufacturing


The beginning of
a new era in manufacturing


See you May 3rd

Welcome to Produktion2030’s 10yrs conference


For ten years, Produktion2030 has played a major role in strengthening innovation in Swedish manufacturing industry. On May 3rd we will look forward into the new technologies that shapes manufacturing and we will summarize important results from the past 10 years. Manufacturing is evolving and we will set the stage for the next ten years: It is the beginning of a new era!

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May 3rd, 2023
Registration & coffee 08:45

Welcome to a new era in manufacturing!

Start: 09:30


Produktion2030 – What has been achieved over 10 years?

A chat with Darja Isaksson, GD of Vinnova and Produktion2030’s board chair-persons, Charlotte Brogren.


European Commission – Training one million Deep Tech Talents – how will it be done?

Start: 10:00

Keynote speaker TBA within short 

Deep tech – The new era in manufacturing

Learning about Deep Tech: Why is it so important for manufacturing and what impact will it have looking ahead?


Deep tech in manufacturing – examples from Produktion2030

Meet researchers and industry – what values is advanced manufacturing bringing today? What are the expectations on Deep tech in manufacturing, for the future?

  • AI in manufacturing
  • Digital Twins in manufacturing
  • Additive manufacturing

Keynote speaker TBA within short

Lunch: 12:00 - 13:00

Upskilling for Deep tech – Ingenjör4.0


Deep tech is a key for future manufacturing. Learn more about the deep tech upskilling initiative for Swedish Manufacturing Industry – Ingenjör4.0. Meet engineers from different companies, reflecting on learning about advanced technologies and the need of upskilling and reskilling in the manufacturing industry.

Keynote speaker TBA within short

Knowledge, new technologies and meetings – Teknikworkshops

SME’s are the backbone of Sweden’s manufacturing industry. Produktion2030 has leveraged new technologies and manufacturing know-how to SME’s, with speed and efficiency! Learn about the Teknikworkshop concept, where knowledge, deep tech, and results from innovation projects are getting used in small and medium-sized companies. Company representatives and researchers discuss and reflect on this unique concept bringing SME’s into the research and innovation system. What are the challenges and opportunities ahead?

Keynote speaker TBA within short

Coffee & Mingle

Sustainable future in manufacturing

What is the role of manufacturing in the shift towards a sustainable society? Listen to seven inspiring leaders discussing manufacturing and climate, sustainability challenges, needs of skills and advanced technologies today. Can deep tech solutions lead to more sustainable manufacturing?


Are Sweden’s engineers fit for Deep tech?

Sweden has many engineers, but industry and society need many more. Upskilling and reskilling in Deep tech is crucial to fit today’s engineers for future industry challenges.

How big is the knowledge gap? How will the engineers of today get ahead and secure competitiveness and sustainability in Swedish manufacturing industry? Reflections on opportunities and threats for engineers and industry employers.

Keynote speaker TBA within short

The new manufacturing industry in Sweden

Sweden is experiencing a boom in manufacturing. New companies with completely new business models and technologies are investing and expanding in Sweden, while established industries are struggling to increase the use of advanced technologies. How do companies use Deep tech today and tomorrow? Discussion with panelists from companies with different applications of Deep tech in their production.

Keynote speaker TBA within short

Summary and wrap up: The beginning of a new era

Start: 16:00


Mingle 16.30-18.30

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May 3rd, 2023


Speakers will be updated continuously